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Our Stone Buriers

  • Winton Stone Burier WSB105 1.05m

    £1,950.00 +VAT
  • Winton Stone Burier WSB125 1.25m

    £2,150.00 +VAT
  • Winton Stone Burier WSB145 1.45m

    £2,350.00 +VAT

Stone Burier

Stone Buriers are a necessity for operators in the farming, smallholding, landscape development or estate management. A Stone Burier is used in general for soil preparation by burying stones and debris, levelling the ground off for a quality smooth finish. The carcase of the Stone Burier is very sturdy, most frames have either double skin or on some models triple skin. Moving components within the assembly are, a Tilling Rotor, a Rear Rake, and a levelling blade. Which when functioned together form a highly effective and efficient piece of equipment.  The double or tripled skin frame is required to absorb and take the stone impact whilst working. The tilling rotor is designed to till the surface lifting the soil to the rear of the machine. The rake or selector rake as it is sometimes known works to select and gather the soil to form the soil or seed bed. The blade works to crumble the lumps and break the soil down whilst levelling off the surface.

Tractor Mounted Stone Buriers are suitable for both Larger Tractors and a range of Compact Tractors. The Stone Burier can be mounted on the three-point linkage and can be driven to any area for use. They do offer the user a high level of flexibility and efficiency.

Tractor Mounted Stone Burier Attachments for Sale.

As well as Stone Buriers, we have an extensive range of Tractor and Compact Tractor attachments available such as front loaders, Backhoe Diggers, Loading Buckets, Trailers, flail mowers, Finishing Mowers, Rotavators, Log Splitters, Post Hole Borers, Post Knockers, Power Harrows, Woodchippers, Wood Splitters, Transport Boxes, Rotary Tillers, Field Rollers, Pallet Forks, Topper Mowers, Flail Hedge Cutters, Hedge Cutters, Box Graders, Chain Harrows, Grader Blades, Log Grabs, Stone Buriers, Verge Flail Mowers, Tine Weeders, Garden Rollers, Paddock Rollers, Ripper & Pipe Layers, Spring Tine Cultivators, Saw Benches, Sweepers and Spreaders to name a few. We sell all model types large & small, from all top manufacturers Winton, ATV, Farm tech Supplies and many more. These Durable and reliable attachments offer complete versatility to any task a compact tractor needs to undertake.

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